Crown of Sunlight: The Corvinus Chronicles Book 1


The thief. The murmur. The shadow. The combatant. The traveler.

Sunny and Josephine Corvinus have lived on Earth their entire lives. Broke. Orphans. Average. That was their life. Sunny, a dance teacher. Josephine, a librarian.

Little did they know the blood running through their veins was a tracking device for a king in another realm. A realm called Writhia. A realm filled with illusions, monsters, and royalty. People who spoke an entirely different language. People who were tracking them. People who loved them.

And when the two sisters are thrown into this realm, they have to fight like they’ve never fought before. Just when they think they’ve found a safe haven, Josephine gets kidnapped by a dark king. Sunny will stop at nothing to get her sister back. Even if it means trusting the general of said dark king.


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