Courting Polly’s Daddy


A sweet story set in the rural area of Carson City, Nevada, about two young people who have been shaken silly by love. 

Rancher Pax Walker thought he’d just skate through life without any more romantic entanglements, but not so fast…said five year-old daughter Polly. She wanted a mother and decided that her lovely teacher, Miss Reed, would do nicely. Katherine Reed knew from her high school days that Pax Walker was the man of her dreams, but he seemed to look everywhere but in her direction. She just wasn’t the type to attract a fabulous guy like Pax. That plus her insecurity about a failed marriage keep her from moving forward. 

With Pax’s reluctance and Katherine’s shyness, Polly has her work cut out for her. An unconventional courtship seems likely with some unexpected problems thrown in to heat up the action. And the hard part comes with the characters trying to get beyond past mistakes to see if there’s a future ahead.


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