Couples Guide to Emotional Intelligence: EQ Mastery for Better Conflict Resolution, Perfect Communication, and Increased Intimacy to Improve Your Relationship

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Do you feel that you and your partner have lost your spark, are growing apart, or just don’t communicate well?

If any of this sounds familiar, then keep reading. Maybe you haven’t had the courage to bring up these issues with your partner, and have been holding things in even though you know your relationship has problem areas. Perhaps you’ve heard dating advice that made you think the following:

“I think we should schedule a date night.”

“Let’s focus on our intimacy.”

“I think we should talk more.”

But the problem is, those kinds of solutions don’t work on their own, because they’re addressing the symptoms of a struggling relationship, but not the causes. Improving your emotional intelligence will give you the ability to identify the causes of your relationship problems—whether they’re yours, your partners, or a combination—and to address the causes of those problems, instead of just the symptoms.

All successful relationships are built on a strong core of emotional intelligence. This book will not only teach you how to build up and use that core of emotional intelligence, it will teach you how to apply it to your relationship and improve it in ways that make it more enjoyable, longer lasting, and easier to manage. It will do this by building up your emotional intelligence skills from the bottom up—ensuring you have the strong, well-rounded emotional skills needed to address any and all issues in your relationship.

This foundation of emotional skills is important because it gives you the most efficient and effective way of improving your relationships. Without it, you may continue your old habits that are causing your relationships to fail—wasting time and emotional currency with your partner looking for solutions to problems you don’t fully understand.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Resolve conflict in emotionally charged situations
  • Earn and receive trust
  • Communicate better with your partner, even if they are the type that “shuts down” or is otherwise difficult to communicate with
  • Have the courage to have difficult conversations with ease and calmness
  • Not let relationship problems build up and fester
  • Develop and express empathy for your partner
  • Control your emotions in heated arguments
  • See how other people see and interpret your behavior
  • Increase your own self-awareness and work on you in order to bring a better “you” into your relationship
  • Solve challenging relationship problems through practice exercises
  • Carry over these emotional intelligence skills into every type of relationship in your life

This Couples Guide to Emotional Intelligence gives you practical information you can use daily to make real improvements in your relationships. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, this book will give you a true understanding of what emotional intelligence is, and how you can use it to strengthen your current and future relationships.

Emotional intelligence is no “pop-psychology” fad. As an established scientific concept supported by over 60 years of research, it will be explained in this book in a way that’s practical and easy to grasp. You can increase your own emotional intelligence, which you can then use to improve the relationships in your life. All you need are the strategies, tips, and habits offered in this book.

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