Couch Potato Crisis

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Princess Kiwistafel has been kidnapped. Again. (But this time, it’s personal!)

The Player of Legend – Tasha Singleton – sets out with her ragtag group of friends to rescue the princess. But Kiwistafel’s kidnapping is only the beginning of Tasha’s headaches. The menu clocks tick ever backward toward the world’s end, as Entropy, the serpent god of destruction, looms in the sky. Will Tasha save the princess from Queen Murderjoy? Can she collect the remaining elemental orbs on time? Will Pan accomplish her quest to make Ari – her summoned figment of a father – a permanent being? Can Kiwi forgive Tasha for accidentally betraying her to Murderjoy? Most importantly, who will win the Wombat Island kart racing championship?

Find the answers to these questions and more in Couch Potato Crisis – the penultimate volume of Couch Potato Chronicles.

This is a LitRPG/RPG Gamelit audiobook with stat progression, video game mechanics, and narrative spreadsheets. It features heavy satire and the kind of silly, over-the-top situations you might expect in a 16-bit video game. No velociraptors have been harmed in the production of this audiobook.

1 review for Couch Potato Crisis

  1. Joe Smerdon

    This is an incredible adventure and I enjoyed it from start to finish!

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