Corrupting Chastity – A Reverse Harem Romance


Intimacy was never my thing…until I saw his ad. Breathtakingly gorgeous. Intelligent, strong, and sweet. Oh yeah, and he’d be my first. Did I mention that part?

When an irresistible profile leads to a tantalizing proposal, Chastity’s long-kept innocence is finally unraveled. But when the irresistible force of her purity crashes against the immovable object of not one but three hard-bodied roommates? Deciding who gets to end up with her seems an impossible decision.

That is, unless they all do.

Enter Senan, the steely-eyed loner working a job so forbidden it twists Chastity’s stomach in tight, wonderful knots. His roommates Ander and Brett are every bit as gorgeous; all rock-hard abs and oceans of shredded, beautiful muscle… but with softer, sweeter sides too.

Each of the three friends is strong and powerful to a fault, yet harboring a common goal in the way of an extremely personal secret. Can Chastity find a way to unlock their collective hearts? Or will loving her so deeply they’re willing to split her affections be the downfall of their budding new relationship?

Corrupting Chastity is a sizzling, stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with suspense, humor, romance, and white-hot action. HEA guaranteed!


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