Cool Water


Yosemite trail rider Natalie Coleman takes a group out one day and a bear comes out of the woods heading right for them. Natalie must try to save her group as well as a lone rider who comes out of the woods unaware of the danger facing him. Wes Evans was out to study owls that day, but instead is bucked off his horse and knocked unconscious before he barely knows what is happening. Natalie takes him to the clinic in Yosemite Village where the doctor tells her he has amnesia and she has to care for him because he hasn’t the room to keep him there. 

In the days to follow, ordinary turns magical as Natalie and Wes weave a spell around each other. With fishing in the stream behind her cabin, cooking together, and discovering common ground, two lonely people become a little less lonely. The world seems brighter and maybe a future is even possible. 

Enter parents, job complications, and a conniving former lover to insert turmoil into their charming world. Will Wes become alarmed when the amnesia finally lifts and he has to face the life he left behind? Will that life include Natalie?


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