Concordat Online


In the 24th-century, humans throughout the solar system are connected by Virtunet, an internet provider and media mogul that spans the gulf of space. While once used for politicking between planets, it is now readily available to all. Virtunet offers highly immersive MMORPGs and media. 

Concordat Online follows the adventures of a player known as Blue Opensky, as he enters the game for the first time. Everything is going well. He forms a bond with his first monster and is leveling steadily with his friends when other players get involved. Manipulating NPCs from the shadows, Blue and friends are charged with defeating them, but every action has consequences. Now the starter area of Meadows edge is under threat from a group of rogue NPCs that out-level Blue and his friends. Will they stand and fight, or will they start again in a less problematic start zone?


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