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Alliances are made. Complications are kept. Judgments are demanded.

From USA Today best-selling author Delta James, another sensational book in the Syndicate Masters: Northern Lights romance series.

Little did I know my search for stolen art would become a complication for the boss of the Valhalla Syndicate. A complication he has decided to keep.

I knew who he was when I met him at a fundraising event. Anders Jensen is the boss of Norway’s most powerful criminal organization, the Valhalla Syndicate. He heard I was hired to find a painting stolen by the Nazis. He has offered to fund my expedition in exchange for one of the other looted paintings he wants for his personal collection.

Accepting his offer has drawn me into a web of intrigue and danger. When a sniper’s bullet nearly ends my life, I find myself in Anders’ embrace and under his protection.

Then he showed me his secret… .Now I’ll never get away.

Complication is a fated-mate provocative paranormal romance.

Buy Complication today for a sizzling hot shifter tale.


1 review for Complication

  1. Vicki

    This book was very good. Gabriella gave Anders a run for his money. I love how she escaped from him and managed to stay gone for six months. As always JT Farrell did a great job with the narration.

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