Coming Out at the Strip Club: Lesbian First Time Sex

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Two beautiful girls are recruited to work for a prominent strip club called Nibble’s Party. Thrown together to work as a special attraction called the Titillating Twins, the girls learn more about their chosen sunset trade to earn extra commissions from Morty, their enterprising club manager. What else do these hot females find in the course of their stint as partners in the exotic dance club?

1 review for Coming Out at the Strip Club: Lesbian First Time Sex

  1. Kara

    “Coming Out at the Strip Club: Lesbian First Time Sex” was surprisingly terrific for the, errr….diversionary, piece of literature I was in the mood for! The narrator has a very sexy voice, and she’s terrific with the many erotic descriptions of our MCs interactions.

    I nearly peed myself laughing listening to club routine choreographer Diana walking MC Lisa through her first time sucking a nipple! MC Bonna tells Lisa that she prefers sex with girls, and Lisa, eager to perfect their new routine before showtime, asks if they might practice more. There is no fade-to-black here, ladies….this is explicit and very hot!

    Interestingly, most stories introduce us to the characters, a relationship develops, and they then fall in lust and/or love. This story reverses things. A meaningful conversation and insight into Bonna’s character happens near the end of the book. Not at the very end….that’s saved for more sex!! How can you not love a book that includes the phrase “paroxysm of pleasure” to describe lovemaking?

    5* for “Coming Out at the Strip Club”! It’s on my listen-to-again list!

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