On a dark day in April 1865, a band of former Confederate guerrillas slaughtered more than 40 Comanches, most of them women and children. This began a six-month reign of terror along the Santa Fe Trail as Comanche chief, White Eagle, took his revenge. The US Cavalry was assigned the task of tracking White Eagle and his warriors down.

Lieutenant Colonel Ignatius O’Sullivan’s orders were to either bring them in or kill them. O’Sullivan, with two companies of cavalry, tracked the Comanches through the mountains for more than six weeks, until….

O’Sullivan took to the trail in July of 1865, and followed them into the mountains along the northern border of Comanche lands. Can he bring the wily chief and his well-armed warriors to bay? Can his soldiers fight the Comanche on their own ground? And which of them will survive the battle?


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