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When 18-year-old Kara Jones gets into a car accident on the way home from college, she’s left with more than a few bruised ribs, a busted cell phone, and a totaled car. After a slip-up at the hospital, she’s shaken to discover that her family isn’t all it seems. And now her mother’s strange behavior and willingness to do anything to protect her secrets – including pulling Kara out of school – have Kara floundering in the dark.

Enter Derek Miller, a former classmate who’s dealing with family issues of his own. His nerdy charm is too much for Kara to resist, and she’s even more amazed when he agrees to help her dig into her mother’s past. Together, they investigate her mother’s old friends and boyfriends, hoping to discover who Kara really is. Instead, they find disturbing connections to the dark history of Kent State University, and an ever expanding maze of mystery surrounding Kara’s birth.

As Kara and Derek chase secrets, she realizes he’s the only person she can trust. But as they get closer to the truth, the disturbing answers reveal a web of evil far darker and further-reaching than they’d imagined, leaving Kara to wish she’d never asked the questions in the first place.

2 reviews for Collision

  1. Shan MC

    Enjoyed the audio for this story. Listened with Audible. The narrator did a good job. She fit the story and characters well.

    Like the premise of Kara finding out her dad isn’t actually her biological father; it takes an interesting turn. Kara isn’t the type of character I care for though; I just don’t like her personality. Too immature, too self absorbed, can’t handle things well, overly dramatic, gets drunk often despite being underage, and clingy. She has this airhead cheerleader type that peaked in high school personality; not for me. The love interest, Derek, is okay, but I didn’t like the scene where it seemed like he was trying to make his ex jealous by feeling Kara up in front of all his friends; that’s just gross. Actually, all the scenes with Derek’s friends were stupid; there was some weird scene where it felt like Derek’s friend, Dax, was looking to get a threesome going with Kara and Derek. I didn’t like either of their friends; Kara’s kept going on about hopefully Derek and Kara would break up, so she could have him; eww. There is a good connection between Derek and Kara; love how supportive he is of her during her search for answers about her bio father. There’s some sweet moments there, so I did like the growth of their relationship. The ending isn’t really satisfying; there is an ending that answers the main things for this book, but there’s some things that seem open ended. This was written in 2014, so I’m thinking there isn’t going to be a sequel either; I may have missed it but I did a glance through some of the premises for Mary’s other books. Now that I think about it, a lot of Mary’s endings in her books aren’t the best. I’ve read many of her zombie books and enjoyed them, but some have some unsatisfactory endings. With all that being said, the story does entertain me, so I still went with a 3 star.

  2. RJ

    How would you feel, what would you do? With an innocent slip of the tongue, you discover that your life up to this point has been a lie. Your mother and father are both blood type O-Negative and you are AB. What!? We follow our young MC Kara Jones as she realizes, then rationalizes this stunning revelation. The poor girl had more related difficulties to deal with than the initial shock, especially when she received the answer to her persistent questions. Kara had a new beau to occupy her time as well but he helped calm the chaos. Be careful what you wish for! I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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