Codename Romeo

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One FBI agent. One single mother. And a toddler who steals his heart.

All FBI agent Ethan Thomas wants is to come home to his new apartment and enjoy the luxury of his new flat-screen TV and some frozen pizza. Encountering a tiny toddler alone in the hall changes everything for the rough and rugged agent. Relief sets in when the child’s mother appears. But when she collapses at his feet just before a blizzard hits Boston, Ethan is in over his head. 

Now, Ethan is changing diapers, playing doctor, and loving every minute of it. The mother and child need a place to stay, and Ethan can’t possibly turn them away. But this investigator knows people, and the woman he’s falling for is keeping secrets. Can he uncover the truth while protecting them from the dangers of his job?

1 review for Codename Romeo

  1. Shan MC

    Entertaining story with a good mix of sweet and steamy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the premise, but I liked both characters and the bits of suspense added to the story. Listening with Audible was a good experience. The narrator did a good job; she had a nice tone to her voice. Recommend listening if you have the chance. Ethan is a nice guy with a sweetheart. Loved how protective and supportive he is of Julia and Luna. I liked Julia okay; she’s a bit too much damsel for my liking, but she has her moments of strength. Ethan and his friends have purchased an old apartment building that they are renovating for themselves. Julia and toddler Luna live in the last apartment left with tenants, but Ethan has been trying to get her to move so they can finish renovations. A snow storm and an illness get in the way of any plans of Julia finding somewhere else to live. Ethan ends up being a lot more involved in Julia and Luna’s lives than he ever expected, and Julia has some secrets that may prove dangerous. I wasn’t fully a fan of Julia dodging her landlords and how she came to live in the US, but the story does have some interesting elements that kept the story entertaining. Overall, a good story that has me looking forward to more!

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