“Fizzy and fun.” (Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Two if by Sea

You’ve wondered about her. That girl in the office who always breaks the copy machine and starts the microwave on fire. Why is she still working here? How did she get hired in the first place? This is her story.

If you like British humor, you’ll love this satirical look at the life-coaching trend, and you may even become a fan of Ro Ro by the end. 

Rowen “Ro Ro” Walverstein is ready to reinvent herself. She had high hopes for her 20s, but now, three years in, nothing is turning out like she imagined. From her frumpy wardrobe and dead-end job to her boring social life, each day is a letdown. When her boyfriend Sherman leaves her, Ro Ro decides it’s time to take action and turn her life around. 

She hires a tough-love life coach named Crystal Class to get her back on track. Crystal is older, wiser, and very pulled together. She’s also a little bit unorthodox in her teaching methods. If Ro Ro can survive Crystal’s extreme tactics, there’s a good chance she could find herself standing on top of that elusive golden mountain of evolutionaryness that Crystal keeps telling her about. But getting up there isn’t going to be easy.


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