Clark’s Unlettered Bride


Clark Reynolds harbors a love for poetry and writing that his family will never understand. When he writes to a matrimonial agency for a Mail Order Bride, the last thing he expects is to find someone who shares this love – but Julie Hazelton exceeds all his expectations. When she arrives at Crooked Creek to begin their courtship, he’s stunned by her beauty, intelligence, and her understanding of Clark himself.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the family sees her that way.

Julie’s arrival causes a rift between Clark and his twin brother Caleb, a rift that nothing seems to be able to heal. And there’s something else going on which Clark can’t begin to fathom. Who is watching from the shadows? Why is Caleb so coldly furious? And what is sweet, pretty Julie hiding from them all?

With life and love at stake, Clark discovers just how far he’ll go for the new lady in his life – the lady who has already promised to become his bride.


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