Circle of Blood: Books 1-3

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When you’re mated to an immortal vampire, love is forever. Literally.

In another lifetime, six vampires lost their mates – and their mortality – to an unimaginable evil power. Despite the veil of death separating them, the strength of love draws them together across the ages. But now, if they can’t reunite with the reincarnations of their lost soulmates soon, it may just mean the end of the world.

From the Big Easy to the ancient island of Cyprus and the ritual-steeped nation of Haiti, follow the nightwalkers who are all that stand between humanity and chaos as they try to gather together the prophesied Council of Thirteen. Six vampires. Six reincarnated mates. And… the mysterious Other. Without the Council, the world will fall to darkness and become a wasteland haunted by the undead. But the demon who covets dominion over humanity will stop at nothing to thwart the vampires on their quest.

In the eternal battle between Light and Darkness, love may be the greatest weapon… or the greatest weakness.

From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan and fresh new voice Jaelynn Woolf comes a steamy paranormal romance series perfect for adult fans of vampire fiction. Get Circle of Blood: Books 1 – 3 today and dive into the first half of a heart-stopping, six-audiobook journey that explores the power of love in a world gone mad with hate.

2 reviews for Circle of Blood: Books 1-3

  1. Malinda Spriggs

    I struggled so bad with this story. My mind kept wandering in other directions.

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Excellent world-building in this unique take on Vampire origins and subsequent challenges. The characters are also well-developed and become more beloved over each book. Per the usual “series” advancement, a particular character is highlighted and the others are support and set up for the next book. Overall, well done with excellent narration.

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