Circle of Blood Book Six: Lover’s Victory


Five thousand years ago, he tried to rule the civilized world. Now, he’s the only one who can save it.

Once upon a time, Menkhef stood up to a powerful pharaoh, and lost. That’s a poor track record for someone acting as the lynchpin in an imminent supernatural war.

Humanity is caught between an absent angel and a vengeful demon. The Council of Thirteen still lacks its final two members, and Menkhef – better known to his friends as Snag – is the only vampire whose mate has not returned. Holed up in an underground tomb complex beneath the oldest pyramid in Egypt, he and his comrades must watch as Bael’s forces gather in preparation for the final battle.

Menkhef only has two secrets left. One will overturn the lives of an unsuspecting American couple. The other will change the entire landscape of the clash for humanity’s future.

In the war between love and hate – death is not the end.


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