Circle of Blood Book Four: Lover’s Absolution


Xander hates werewolves.
In all fairness, they’re not too keen on him either. 

Normally, avoidance would be the obvious solution. At least, it would be if the werewolves in question weren’t holding a newly-turned six-year-old vampire child as a prisoner. Alone in London, it’s up to Xander to rescue the boy before he can fall into the hands of Bael’s sadistic servant, Bastian Kovac. 

That mission that becomes exponentially more difficult when Xander discovers the identity of the mysterious female werewolf acting as the boy’s guardian. With the forces of darkness closing in from all directions, nothing is as it seems. 

There’s a reason vampires and werewolves don’t mix. Of course, in more than 120 years, no one has ever accused Xander of playing by the rules. 

Why should he start now? 


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