Circle of Blood Book Five: Lover’s Atonement


What’s the worst betrayal you can imagine? It doesn’t matter what you just answered. Duchess has done something worse.

Before she killed her husband during a frenzy of vampiric bloodlust, he begged her to honor a single request. She failed him, and she’s been paying for that failure for the last 400 years.

But Duchess’ lost love has finally returned to her. Reincarnated as Chan Wei Yong, the former king’s musketeer is now a hardened CIA undercover agent working in the seedy underbelly of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For people like Duchess and Chan, a happy ending just isn’t in the cards.

Too bad there’s far more at stake than their feelings.

The demon Bael doesn’t care about Duchess’ guilt or Chan’s ugly past. All he cares about is winning the battle against the light. But how can she and Chan wage spiritual warfare against the darkness when they’re both trapped firmly in its hold?


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