Christmas Hope: Contemporary Christian Romance

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Corbin and his fiancée, Kylee, live a lavish lifestyle, until Corbin’s actions put them both in a dire predicament. Too late, Corbin realizes that he has put Kylee’s life at risk and hatches a plan to rectify it. But the dangerous plan falls through, and Corbin realizes that not only has he put his fiancée’s life at risk, but he’s fallen in love with the woman who was helping him save Kylee. 

But is Kylee playing a dangerous game of her own? 

Find out with the surprising twists, turns and mystery of Christmas Hope.

1 review for Christmas Hope: Contemporary Christian Romance

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, it was a good yarn, in it’s way, but really, all characters seemed totally lack lustre and the story a bit beyond belief. It also didn’t seem to meld when the gangster would leave the one he supposedly loved, to almost freeze to death.

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