Chickamauga – A Novel of the American Civil War


Chickamauga – A Novel of the American Civil War – is the story of a great battle of the Civil War and the people who fought it, many of them real and some of them the product of the author’s imagination. Chickamauga is a story of the heroism, selflessness, and frailty of the men whose deeds are etched forever on the fields and forests at Chickamauga, the River of Death. Chickamauga is the story of the generals who planned the grand strategies that would be played out by lesser but braver men, and it’s the story of heroism, desperate deeds, and death and destruction on a scale the like of which had never been seen before.

Chickamauga is the story of Jesse Dixon and Patrick McCann, two boys in blue uniforms who must grow up before their time, and of Billy Cobb, a Confederate soldier who found himself at war, not only with the Union enemy, but also with his conscience. And it’s the story of Sarah Bradley, the daughter of a Southern farmer, and Blake Winter, the Yankee colonel who fell in love with her. Chickamauga is the story of ordinary people in extraordinary times.


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