Chasing Lilly

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Chasing Lilly is a captivating true story of a little girl who refused love and attachment, because severe abuse robbed her ability to receive them. The story sparkles with humor, as Lilly meets her match in a family who refused to give up on her.  

1 review for Chasing Lilly

  1. Nicollette Blackeagle

    Chasing Lily is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read or heard when it comes to dealing with children with mental illness. The author uses very descriptive but easy to understand terms so you are never lost in the story of the struggle her and her family had when raising a foster child that no one else could have handle with such love and compassion. Nealie Rose should win an award because she almost single handedly was able to bring some sort of stabilization into Lily’s chaotic world. They were a blessing to Lilly and Lilly to them. I highly recommend this true account book to anyone seeking to adopt or becoming a foster parent there is a lot of educational information within these pages. I received this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and this is my honest unbiased review.

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