Chasing Justice


Rachel’s life is crumbling before her eyes. One by one her family is dying around her, leaving her with Syco, the same company she has tried so hard to leave behind. Everything she depended on, everything she thought about her life has turned out to be wrong, and now, with no one else to turn to, she closes herself off from the rest of the world.

Detective Adrian Deluca watches her struggle with the changes, wanting to help her, but unsure of how to start, especially since he suspects Rachel’s own mother might be the one who set everything in motion. A small silver key seems to be their only clue to find out who’s stalking her family. Determined to find answers, Rachel doesn’t realize how high the stakes are until Deluca is shot.

When Rachel goes missing Deluca has to watch helplessly from his hospital bed as the case is taken away and handed off to the FBI. Knowing they will have to start at the beginning, he can feel the minutes slipping away, every one of them taking Rachel further and further away from him. All Deluca and Chase Hunter, his partner, have left is Rachel’s key.

Will it be enough to find the murderer, and more importantly find Rachel, before she comes the next victim? He promised to protect her, but it seems like it is a promise he won’t be able to keep.


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