Caught in Flames

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Looks like it’s time to burn my house down.

Best-selling author Lexy Timms brings you a firehouse romance so hot, it’s sizzling! 

To Rebecca Taylor, her job had become simple, sort of like lather, rinse, and repeat. She traveled throughout the country certifying fire station equipment. She’s a fully certified fire fighter, but her area of expertise is in testing out new equipment that will save lives. She lands up at Station 5 in Phoenix, AZ, the one place she’s been trying to avoid. 

She grew up just outside the city, along with the newly hired sexy lieutenant, Sam Evans. 

He was best friend’s with Becca’s brother, before he died in a random fire almost a decade earlier. 

Heat runs ramped in the city of Phoenix – desert sun, burning buildings, and the undeniable hot attraction between Becca and Sam. 

When the past begins to appear in familiar fire patterns, Becca is startled to realize there may be an arsonist in the city. Her brother, Corey’s death had been ruled an accident. Will she be able to prove it was murder before the arsonist comes looking for her? 

Firehouse Romance Series: Caught in Flames Burning with Desire Craving the Heat

1 review for Caught in Flames

  1. Amy Corbell

    Rebecca is a badass firefighter who also tests out new equipment. Her brother died in a tragic fire 10 years prior and it still weighs on her. When she is put in the same area that his “accident” happened, weird things start happening. She starts to speculate that maybe the incident that took her brothers life was not an accident at all and the person responsible is now coming after her! With the help of her friend and lover, Sam, they start digging around. The only problem is the police are not on their side and it looks like they might get burned before figuring out all the pieces to the puzzle.

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