Cat and Mouse: A Paranormal Romance Short

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Obsession. Pursuit. A dark game. When a vampire and a hunter break the rules, everyone is a winner.

What could make you defy your nature and spare that which you are fated to kill? For Johnathan and his mysterious vampire hunter, their deepest sense of lust is rewired from blood to each other. Their elusive game of cat and mouse pulls them apart just to make their meetings even more intoxicating.

1 review for Cat and Mouse: A Paranormal Romance Short

  1. Erica Freeman

    Although this is a short story it packs a lot of punch and the action moves swiftly.

    Johnathan is a vampire with intense feelings for someone who should be his mortal enemy, a hunter caught him and he escaped but rather than take the usual route of killing the hunter, Johnathan let her live and ran. Now she has found him again and he can’t say he’s unhappy about it.

    Within a very short space of time the two share an interesting exchange and come to an unusual arrangement much to Jonathan’s joy. We never learn the hunters name and it really doesn’t matter to him, all he’s interested in is they get to play their game of cat and mouse again and again.

    Although the story is told entirely from Jonathan’s point of view it is clear from the start that the nameless hunter is the one with all the power, if she rejected him he would die without fighting. She doesn’t need a name, she is all encompassing, for she is the sole reason for his continuing existence now.

    Kevin Theis was a great narrator for this short story, he gave the two characters very distinct voices and carried the story along well.

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