Cast a Long Shadow

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Ever try to fill boots a size too large?


Ever keep pace with strides too long?


Ever try to cast a long shadow?


“Bad Bobby” Trent, star high school athlete, college scholarship holder, pro-rodeo circuit rider, lived an unencumbered life. He was a man, who, by his own definition, limited his concentration to no more than eight seconds at a time – the time required to ride a bull or saddlebronc and win. He’s tough, independent, shallow, and always looking for a good time. Then his father is murdered.


Sheriff Robert Trent, was the longtime chief law enforcement officer of Lodge Pole County Montana. He was stern, fair, honest, and dependable. He tried to see the best in people, and always ready to give them one more chance. He was ambushed, shot dead at the side of the road. Set up by someone he knew. Now, rumors claim the sheriff wasn’t all that he claimed. Rumors claim he was dirty; paid off by persons’ unknown.


Slapped by reality, Bobby is determined to investigate the killing. He’s set on finding the one who did this. Only one problem, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.


3 reviews for Cast a Long Shadow

  1. Jodene Chase

    Good Story. Kept me involved until the very end. The next book in the series is on my wish list. I listen when I am working out or doing chores and both the plot and the performance have to keep me interested. I was given a complimentary copy of this book but own others by this author, all of which I have enjoyed.

  2. Leah Brock

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    I’ve not read many western novels, but had a life-long interest in them. This interest prompted me to download a free review copy audiobook of ‘Cast a Long Shadow’ from Audiobooks Unleashed. I’m now leaving a voluntary review after listening to it. I’m glad to say, Kwen D Griffeth tells a good mystery yarn.

    In this first book of the ‘Big Sky’ series, we are introduced to ‘Bad Bobby’ Trent. He’s a hard-drinking, quick-to-a-fight bull and bronco rodeo rider. After his sheriff father’s death, he is determined to clear rumors of corruption surrounding the murder. He receives help from Cheyenne police chief Lucas Blackkettle, ex-girlfriend and lawyer K. C. Simms and deputy Sheriff Doreen Nixon. Can they put all the pieces together to solve this case?

    Griffeth’s Bobby Trent is a wonderfully layered character. He’s brash and impulsive but also single-minded about tracking down his father’s killers. He’s honest, and will call anyone a friend as long as they’re honest as well. Bobby is very much justice oriented. When someone has committed a wrong, he believes it should be punished. This sometimes causes him to do things that aren’t exactly legal, but it’s what he thinks is right.

    The Montana prairie setting also drew me to this book. I’ve long been fascinated by stories of ‘Big Sky Country’ and the mystique it holds. Griffeth’s rural setting of Lodge Pole County evokes the wide-openness of the countryside that I imagine residents prize. Bringing in the Native beliefs of spirits and connectedness to the Earth, makes Montana seem even more special.

    Paul J McSorley’s performance as narrator is good. Some of the dialogue was a tad stilted, particularly with female voices, but not too distracting.

    Highly recommended. It’s a well-written, twisty mystery with likable characters. It’s worth a try.

  3. Coolestmommy R

    I really enjoyed this story, although there were parts that drug a little bit. It did keep me listening and cheering for Bobby to overcome his past and figure out the answers to the present problem. I don’t want to give away spoilers, so I’ll just stay it was an excellent read and one I would listen to again.

    Thank you to Audiobooks Unleashed for a free copy of the book to listen to.

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