Carson Hill Ranch Box Set – Books 4-6

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Book 4 – Fighting For Love

When a twister rips through Carson Hill Ranch and demolishes almost everything in sight, the family has a long road ahead of them as they try to pick up the pieces and put them back together. As brothers Anders and Joseph rush in to save the women they love, the end result tears apart the Carson family in ways that no one saw coming.

Book 5 – Wishing For Love

Seamus Carson has practically grown up with Gracie and has always seen her as the kid sister that fate denied him. Will Seamus and Gracie admit their feelings for each other, or will they continue to deny themselves until the day it almost tears the family apart?

Book 6: Dying For Love

Crystal Stapleton has everything a princess could want: ski vacations, a suite to herself in her parents’ mansion, even her own Prince Charming. Too bad there’s a mean streak lurking under the surface of her fiancé, one that her parents refuse to see. With her father’s prodding to marry a well-connected and wealthy man and her mother’s constant ugly domineering attitude, Crystal is prepared to do as she’s told, regardless of how unhappy her future will be.

But a chance two week stay at Carson Hill Ranch brings her not only a new found sense of freedom and joy, it also brings her face to face with the decidedly good looking and very unattached Jacob Carson. The more time she spends in Jacob’s presence, the less certain she is about the future her parents have laid out for her.

Will she accept the freedom a cowboy like Jacob can offer? Or will she do what she’s expected to do, no matter how much it hurts her heart?

1 review for Carson Hill Ranch Box Set – Books 4-6

  1. Benita Dilley

    This is an entertaining, well narrated contemporary romance series, linked by the ranch setting and the main male characters being the sons of the Carson Ranch. Best read in order, but each is a complete story. Read #1 first to get the premise, though.

    4. Fighting For Love. Carson Ranch is hit by natural disaster, bringing stress into the Anders Carson’s new relationship, and those of the twins. Excellent characterization by narrator.

    5. Wishing For Love. Some of the middle children of Carson Ranch have grown up and are experiencing love and in this well narrated story we catch up with Seamus Carson and Gracie Billings, a strong and capable equestrian, who is now at odds with her life on Carson Hill Ranch since she showed up with her sister six years ago as a scrawny, needy child.

    6. Dying For Love. In #6 of the 12 book Carson Hill Ranch series, a well narrated story introduces us to wealthy Texas debutant Crystal Stapleton, who is engaged to wealthy power broker….until a two week visit to Carson Hill Ranch and a chance meeting with Jacob Carson.

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