Captured Heart

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Christian romance: Two men vie for Amanda. One wanted the beautiful, fiery Amanda for his bride…the other for wealth and pleasure. Would her innocent trust be her undoing? Which one will capture her heart?

Traveling to California on a wagon train, Amanda’s family dies of cholera. She had prayed that they would live. Amanda is mad at God for letting them die. Eventually, she learns God did listen to her prayers, in a very extraordinary way. Amanda faces many perils on the trail including being captured by Indians and an evil adversary. Once Amanda realizes her true love, she can’t find the words to tell him until it’s a matter of life or death, or too late.  Please help support the audiobook by leaving a review.  Thank you!

3 reviews for Captured Heart

  1. Lori Dykes

    Every time I think I have read/listen to the best Barbara Goss story another one comes along! On a wagon train with her family headed to California to get to her aunt, Amanda finds out how hard life can get. Her entire family dies of cholera and she is spared. Heavy with her grief but determined to get to her aunt, she ends up being asked to join in with the wagon train in front of her and help care for a sick young girl in their wagon. Charles is the handsome smooth talking man that says he is rich and has a fabulous hotel in San Francisco and she begins to be charmed. But Luke is a young man that keeps and eye on her and is determined to warn her away from Charles. My heart just became engaged with Jan Ross, the narrator who was excellent. She brought Barbara’s story alive and I listened every second I had. Now on to my next BG audible!

  2. Misty

    I listened to this book on audio. I loved the book but not the audio. In the audio, the voice of the main character annoyed me. She made her childish and immature which was not what the author wanted. The book is a great read! The plot and characters were great.

    This is an earlier book of the authors. You can see how she has grown in just a few years!

  3. Faith

    It’s hard to say who captured whose heart but in the end it doesn’t really matter. This is one of Ms. Goss’ best that I’ve listened to so far. It was one I could not put down. There was inspiration as Amanda learned to trust God once again after she thought He had deserted her and Luke gently prodded her back. It showed how people sometimes get priorities all wrong and how sometimes circumstances and love can open their eyes. This was such a good book–highly recommend it.

    The narration was wonderful!

    This was a fun story to listen to. There was a new approach to the romance of a mail order bride which was refreshing. It had enough adventure to keep the story from moving too slow and a mystery that was not solved until near the end, but with just enough clues to keep the reader from figuring out too soon what had happened. This was a delightful listen.

    The narration was great!

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