Candy, Murder and Me

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Candy, Murder and Me is a sweet cozy mystery with recipes that’s a dog lover’s delight.

When Cookie Berelli, a dress designer for full-figured women, discovers her private investigator dead in her salon, she calls on a few friends to get her out of trouble.

This cozy mystery with a dog includes a cute little dachshund she named Sigmund Freud because he’s such a good listener. She has a bunch of crackpot ideas for how to catch the murderer, and Sigmund, the trustworthy dog he is, follows right along, sometimes even discovering a clue or two himself.

I hear Cookie, who was born and raised in Brooklyn like Barbra Streisand. Go to the Saturday Night Live skit and listen to the woman sitting in the middle, and then when the real Barbra stops by.


1 review for Candy, Murder and Me

  1. Julie Howard

    I did enjoy this book but there was several reasons it didn’t get a five star review from me. The first being the fact that the story got interrupted to give you a recipe and it wasn’t even at the start or end of each chapter. I don’t mind authors doing that but much prefer that it happens at the end of the story so you can skip it if you want. Also the narrator did do a good job but why did the author go with a male reader when he main character is female? Slightly confusing. Otherwise it is a good mystery that keeps you guessing and contains a cute love able dog that helps solve the mystery. There is a lot going go and it certainly keeps you entertained.
    When Cookie is accused of embezzling she hires a private detective to find out what really happened. The she finds him dead in her office. Rather than give up can Cookie an ex fashion designer team up with his Secretary to clear her name and find the killer. As another body is found things heat up and Cookie might just have to break some laws to get to the truth. Will her dachshund come to her aid of should she trust the hunky Andy Shea to help? One thing is for sure with somebody following her she will have to get to the bottom of it quickly if she doesn’t want to become the next victim.
    The narrator was good and did do some interesting and different voices but he was just wrong for the part of a lady detective.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook from audiobooksunleashed at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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