Cadets: Three Complete Novels

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Set in an alternate United States ruled by the military, Cadets is a three novel series that tells the story of young women trapped in a bizarre military academy. In this alternate America, women have been excluded from military service until the early 21st century, but under a new chief of the general staff, they are allowed to enlist and are even given the opportunity to be commissioned officers, at the new National Women’s Military Academy. But there is a catch: At the NWMA, in addition to military training, the cadets must undergo sexual training consisting of bondage, flagellation, humiliation, and intercourse by way of preparation for serving as “personal” aides for the generals to whom they will be assigned.

Part One: The Academy
Eighteen-year-old Robin Bransom, her friend Jodie Lawrence and 28 other unfortunate young women are chosen to be the first class of cadets at a nightmarish military school.

Part Two: Duty, Service, Country
The Academy expands, and more women, including Robin’s sister, Merry, are tricked into entering the NWMA, where they are cruelly trained and abused.

Part Three: General Staff
NWMA graduate and military genius Jodie Lawrence is now a lieutenant-general, and on the verge of becoming the new chief, when she is arrested on false charges. She and her friends are pursued by mysterious enemies who will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep her from taking her place as chief of the general staff.

1 review for Cadets: Three Complete Novels

  1. Mia Harper

    I liked the premise of the book being set in alternate universe, the conspiracy in the top ranks of the military was quite riveting and kept me listening through all three books. The story was darkly erotic, with plenty of steamy, graphic action and instances of dubious consent which emphasized the cadets helplessness and forced submission. The narrator Elliott Daniels had a very pleasant voice.

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