C++ and Python Programming: 2 Bundle Manuscript Introductory Beginners Guide


This is a two book bundle related to C++ programming and Python programming!

In C++ Programming, you will learn the basics about:


  • Compliers, syntax, class, objects, and variables
  • Identifiers, trigraphs, data types, lines, and characters
  • Boolean and functions
  • Arrays, loops, and conditions
  • Various types of operators
  • Decision statements, if else statements
  • Constants and literals
  • Quick follow up quizzes and answers
  • Guided examples and much more!


In Hacking University Junior Edition, you will learn:


  • The history of Python language
  • The benefits of learning Python and the job market outlook when learning Python
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Variables, variable types, inputs, string formatting, decision structures, conditional operators, loops
  • Several programming examples to make sure you practice what you learn
  • String formatting and programming concepts
  • Classes, special methods, and inheritance
  • Key modules, and common errors
  • And a whole lot more!


Get your copy today! Download and learn how to program in both C++ and Python!


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