By Judicial Decree 9: Court Martial


Jo Langstrom was the ultimate female warrior, a hero of the guerrilla war in Neuvo Catalonia, winner of the Presidential Medal of Courage, a full colonel at the age of 25, and a small package of beauty, brains, and guts. She had risen to the top of her profession almost overnight, so her fall was all the more shocking. Convicted of moral offenses under the Army’s antique and draconian code, she and her lover, the lovely Lieutenant Robyn Brand, were court-martialed, convicted, and sentenced to slavery.  Who was waiting at the auction to snap up these disgraced former officers? Who else but Quentin Scales, agent for the notorious Rupert Caine, who wants to add Jo and Robyn to his household of slaves and train them for his bed. Caine has conquered many young women over the years with his near-infinite knowledge of pain and pleasure. But has he bitten off more than he can chew this time? Jo Langstrom is not only the toughest woman he has ever faced, but a lesbian who finds men sexually repulsive. Will  Caine be able to break her , or will she choose death before dishonor? 

Another exciting tale from an alternate history where slavery for debt or a criminal offense is still the law.


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