By Judicial Decree 7: Consent Decree

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Inga had been given great gifts: a beautiful face and figure, a brilliant mind, and an influential father who could help her achieve her goal of becoming the first female lawyer in Vinland’s history. But all her gifts came to nothing after she lost control of her spending, was convicted of embezzling her clients’ funds to support her lavish lifestyle, and was sentenced to slavery as punishment for her crimes. But it was not until she found herself naked and bound in the basement of Rupert Caine’s mansion that she learned the true meaning of punishment.

Set in a world where enslavement for crime or debt is an everyday fact, By Judicial Decree: Consent Decree may be the best novel yet in Commander James Bondage’s popular series.

1 review for By Judicial Decree 7: Consent Decree

  1. Janalyn Prude

    This book is set an alternate universe where instead of prison if you break the law, you get enslaved and unfortunately if you’re a woman you’re forced to become a sex slave. This book starts off with a Kim Kardashian sword A woman who has a high profile and yet she got caught embezzling money. Well on stage waiting to be built on she is forced to do that we’re dating things to be more of Lauren for the bitters. This isn’t the type of book I thought this would be. I read the summary and thought it sounded really good and I guess to sum it may be good… To me I didn’t like it. They spanked her until she listened and as I said force her to do degrading things. I know there are some who would like a book where a woman gets spanked into submission and as I said I do not like that so that is why I gave this book 3 stars. I received this book from Audiobooks unleashed for my opinion and this is my opinion. I didn’t like it.

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