By Judicial Decree 3: Criminal Law


Kelly was the first female inspector in the history of the Constable’s office, and the only honest cop on the entire force. When she threatened to take a story of rampant graft in her office to the press, she had to be silenced. If that meant framing her for crimes she had never committed and reducing her to slavery, well, that was her tough luck.

Faith was an innocent preacher’s daughter, president of her father’s charitable foundation for retired Believers. How was she to know that the foundation was a scam and her father a con man, until he fled, leaving her to pay for his crimes with her freedom?

But something worse than enslavement await Kelly and Faith when they become the property of Rupert Caine, whose hobby is the harshly training beautiful young women, until they become submissive pleasure slaves. A newly revised edition of this Commander James Bondage classic especially for audio.


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