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High school graduate, Chris, disenchanted by the prospect of conventional life in “Squaresville, USA”, opts out of college to attend pro-wrestling school. Enter: Ramsay Wrestling Academy, where Chris and a group of like-minded dreamers train for an unlikely chance at fame and fortune. 

Dreams do come true, they suddenly find, as a staggering string of successes changes the fledgling academy to a small federation almost overnight. Chris and his friends are living their dreams, but to stay on this unlikely trajectory, they’re forced to keep topping themselves. Can the Ramsay boys keep satisfying the blood-lust of the die-hard fans before the stakes reach life and death? What if they never had a choice in the first place? 

Bump is a novel dealing with subjugation and exploitation in the workplace, and the importance of the free market to the freedom of the people who work in it.


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