Buddha, the Dhammapada, and The Gateless Gate

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The search for wisdom has been the pole-star of humanity for 6,000 years. Religions have come and gone, philosophies have failed, but those surviving wells of wisdom go deep and yield sweet refreshment for the soul.

Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Zen, and Eastern Christian writings have served as pathways to peace and enlightenment, but the path is not easily traveled. Wisdom is a harsh master, demanding authenticity and truth. No self-delusion or protection will be tolerated. The seeker must be spiritually eviscerated. Mind and soul must be laid bare. Toward this end, pilgrims have followed teachings within a handful of ancient books. Here, for the sake of those seeking the path of enlightenment and liberation, we will look at two the greatest books of Eastern wisdom, The Dhammapada – Buddhism’s path of dharma and The Gateless Gate – Sacred writings of Zen Buddhism.


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