Brothers of Belle Fourche: Books 4-7


The Oleson cousins have returned to Belle Fourche

Natalie returns to the Broken Circle O with her dying father. When she sees a chance to hold on to her past, it’s the future she finds. Cody wants a solitary life, until a relentlessly kind woman breaks through his bitter, hard shell.

John has been the quiet brother his whole life. When he sees the chance to protect an innocent woman, he can’t stand aside. Alicia tries to avoid a marriage arrangement with a fiend. Will a quiet cowboy save her, or is her heart now in danger?

Charles is a man of few words. He’s chosen to protect mute Will from the other hands. He discovers there’s more to Will than meets the eye, giving him much more reason to protect her than just her inability to speak.

Hothead George has always been the troublemaker. But when a poetry teacher comes to Belle Fourche, he may just find a new way to express himself.

Get four Belle Fourche books! With daring cowboys, winning ladies, and love stories to melt your heart.


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