Bride of Krakenstein


In the thrilling conclusion of the Krakenstein Trilogy, it’s all-out giant monster mayhem featuring a total of no less than 10 – count ’em, 10 – titanic terrors. 

Merged with the mysterious subterranean facility whose origins predate even the dinosaurs, Dr. Deanna Sharlayne is determined to help her…well, he used to be a man, anyway…take on the fury of our world itself. 

A great sea lamprey circles the Earth, but not to destroy it – to protect it. The quarter-mile-long leviathan is merely waking the true defenders and calling them to action. 

These elemental super-monsters are truly fearsome as they unleash a coordinated attack on humanity that culminates in a focused assault on the fragile landscape of Yellowstone Park, where the great beasts are dead set on triggering the “supervolcano” and letting it do the work of wiping out humanity for them. Can Deanna and the former Dr. Max Shepperton, a.k.a. Krakenstein, stop them? 

Oh yes, and toss in a renegade general and his mighty robot titan for good measure, and what you’ve got is a seven monster/three sided daikaiju showdown supreme, with nothing less than our species’ existence hanging in the balance.

Book 3 of The Krakenstein Chronicles series.

©2019 Kevin Candela (P)2020 Kevin Candela


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