Bound By Air

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Welcome to the Wardens of Terra, an elite group of shifters destined to save humankind! 

The Hounds of God have been disbanded by the Catholic Church, leaving a terrible void in the fight to save humankind. As a result, a much older organization returns to power and takes up the reins to fight to save the Earth from the evil that stalks it. 

They are the Wardens of Terra, an elite force of shifters each with a defining power to aid them in the never-ending battle against the forces of darkness. 

Alone they are fierce warriors. Once they’ve found their true mates, they become an unstoppable force. These are their stories. 

Troy Waman is a thunderbird shifter and a Warden of Terra. He is sent to Upstate New York to investigate a disturbance in the balance of magic and nature. His job is to decipher whether the sudden string of winter storms is natural or the work of darker forces in the area. 

Andrea Kristos’ estranged great aunt recently passed away, leaving her a house in Shadowland, New York. The novice Romani Caster moves into the ancient house hoping to learn more about the parents who left her long ago. During her search, she discovers that some things are better left undisturbed. 

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, a huge, devastatingly handsome stranger shows up at Andrea’s door in the middle of the night and puts her in handcuffs! 

How will she get him to believe that she is innocent?

2 reviews for Bound By Air

  1. Jocelyne

    This was my first C.D. Gorri’s book. This is the first novella in The Wardens of Terra Series. Troy and Andrea’s adventure is fast-paced, funny, and intriguing. Troy, a Thunderbird Shifter, is handsome, protective, and caring. Andrea is beautiful, strong, and independent. The world building is well-built, original, and interesting. I liked the amazing characters, the mystery and the romance. Ri Paige did an outstanding job with the narration. She has a beautiful voice, and a great range of voices. Looking forward to listening to Star Kissed, the next book in the Series!

  2. Vicki

    Bound by Air is book one of the Wardens of Terra series. This was a really good paranormal short story and a great start to the series. It will be interesting to find out who the next warden to find his mate will be. I enjoyed C. D. Gorri’s writing style. Ri Paige did a very good job with the narration. I received this free copy audiobook at my request from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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