Books, Canapés and Murder: A Story Tree Cozy Mystery: Book 3


The small town of Valley Springs invites more mayhem than you’d think, and nothing is what it seems.

The community elite are invited to a masquerade ball, and the secretive host promises that a mystery will be solved by the end of the night. With everyone high on anticipation, it shouldn’t be a surprise when Clary stumbles upon a dead body.

To avoid panic, she and the police chief race against the clock before the masked murderer can disappear into the night. It’s said that a person becomes who he really is when he wears a mask. It’s too bad that Clary has to deal with a roomful of people revealing their true selves! 

Will they find the masked murderer? Will they win the race against the clock? Or, will the night end with the mystery unsolved? Find out as Clary chases criminals, canapés, and crafty liars.



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