Bonds of Cupidity

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Note to my stupid cupid self: The next time I go and anchor myself to a hot covey, make sure those anchors aren’t about to compete in a fight to the death.   

Yeah. Total downer.   

I have a body now, and I don’t intend to lose it. I also don’t intend to lose the genfins that I’ve grown so attached to. So it’s time to return to the kingdom island and hope like hell that my guys make it through the royal trials of the culling. I also have to hope that the prince of the realm doesn’t spot me. If he does, I’m pretty sure I have imprisonment and torture to look forward to.  

But we can make it through this. I know we can. I’m at least 70 percent sure we can, anyway. Okay, maybe it’s more like 50-50. But after we do? Well, my to-do list is long, but convincing my genfins that they belong with me is pretty high up there. So is dessert. And trying some fairy wine.  

And skinny dipping. Also sex. Lots and lots of sex.   

But mostly, I just want what I’ve always wanted – to have love of my own. Wings crossed that the genfins get on board with that plan. This cupid has her work cut out for her.  

Author’s note: This is the second book of the Heart Hassle Series, so there is a cliff-hanger. Be warned. This is a reverse harem story and includes sexually explicit scenes and mature language. Intended for ages 18 years and older.

4 reviews for Bonds of Cupidity

  1. Bette

    Loving this Great Cupidity💘 Awesome Audible Listen 🎧

    Bonds of Cupidity: A Fantasy Reverse Harem Story
    Heart Hassle, Book 2
    By: Raven Kennedy
    Narrated by: Melissa Schwairy, Aaron Shedlock

    I am loving the imaginative world, the storylines and characters Raven Kennedy created. This book picks up where book one ended. Ronak, Syred and Evert are taken out of exile and brought to the Kingdom Island to fight thru royal trials of the culling. The Culling is a brutal survival challenge participants who survive win their way back in to society. Think “Hunger Games” set up in an area where all come to watch. Surviving the Culling is not easy because it is designed by the Prince with intentions of no survivors. Emelle manages to get to the Kingdom Island to be near her Genfins and attend the Culling. She had learned she has a special connection with them where she can not be far from them. She is recognized by the Princess who then hides her in her staff. She meets Okot, one of the Princess’ personal guards and tells Emelle she is his mate. Belren makes an appearance again as well. There is a lot more action in this book, more twists, drama, some suspense, mystery and some hot romances. Emelle continues to be her quirky, cute self who continues to speak her mind. Her Genfins figured a way to calm her down and shut her up, with chocolate. LOL! Hilarious. Thanks for another great story, on to book 3 now!

    I listened to the Audible edition, narrated by the talented Melissa Schwairy & Aaron Shedlock. Melissa continues to bring the characters & their story to life from the pages to your ears. Ronak’s bonus scene is a great addition to the book, Aaron’s take and voice performance is awesome and smoking hot!! Thank you for an awesome & entertaining listen🎧

  2. Christine

    The audio really enhanced the story for me. Raven Kennedy’s books are amazing. I tend to one click every book she has and now have the added bonus of audio!!

  3. Amber Everett

    Yep better then the first. It’s still hilarious with the best dimwit you can’t help but love. A few extra hot Territorial males. Life or death and action and adventure. Don’t forget about sexy time. What more could one ask for in a book.

  4. Mia Harper

    This book has been a complete emotional roller-coaster, from laugh out loud to crying, and edge of the seat drama! ML is adorable and naive, and incredibly funny, to know her is to love her, as her men discover! i can’t stop here book 3 is calling me!

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