Blood Witch Rising: A Jack Ladd Novel: Blood Witch Series, Book 1

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When supernatural monsters crawl out of the dark and soldiers aren’t enough, you send in the Blood Witch. When that’s not enough, you’re in trouble.

Ages ago, the Earth was cut off from other mythical realms in order to protect it from the depredations of the Asgardians. Now, a portal discovered in the Pacific Northwest is seen by a mysterious group as an opportunity to reverse that ancient act.

Aided by a sometimes helpful – but always irreverent – spirit familiar, Jack leaves the comfort of home to stop that from happening. His roommate Joshua, a Native American shaman, decides to come along. Big mistake. They are forced to navigate a world where refugees from the fabled Norse realms have been living in hiding since the bronze age. Old racial tensions and mistrust complicates their task as they take on nightmarish creatures intent on showing them how insignificant they are.

When Jack inadvertently uncovers secrets from his past, he must question his closest ally’s motives and decide if he is on the right path.

One thing is certain: Should he fail, all manner of legendary beings could quickly overrun the Earth. Beings still angry at being kept out of their playground for over five thousand years.

2 reviews for Blood Witch Rising: A Jack Ladd Novel: Blood Witch Series, Book 1

  1. Malinda Spriggs

    I loved this book. The character development, the story.. So good! Bring in book 2

  2. Jerry Harkey

    This young “Witch” grapples with his own powers, learning by his mistakes as much as his teachers. He orchestrates several “races” of supernaturals between 2 dimensions, to thwart a powerful evil that threatens both. A very good story line with well-developed characters and good narration. Overall, very much worth the credit, but I got mine from Audiobooks Unleashed!

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