Blood Trails

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Detective Roger Colby thought he ended serial killer Morgan Laird’s murderous spree 28 years ago when Laird was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. But Colby soon finds out that nothing is certain in today’s ever-changing society. The wheelchair-bound criminal has been released from prison and granted parole. But is it coincidence that a new series of homicides has suddenly begun, identically mirroring Laird’s brutal series of murders from the past?

As Colby reluctantly joins a federal task force investigating these new crimes, he begins to uncover a new and sinister plot so unthinkable that it virtually defies belief. When Morgan Laird’s DNA is recovered from the scene of one of the recent murders, Colby realizes that the unthinkable has suddenly become reality. Shunned by the task force and without support, Colby knows he must trace his new blood tail to its source and bring these new and brutal crimes to a stop, regardless of the consequences.

1 review for Blood Trails

  1. Becky R

    The book has an interesting premise, but the police are written more like they are back in 80’s than in current day. Police procedures are loosely written. The author has promise though, so if you enjoy a old-school detective book, this might be a book for you

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