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The maddened aren’t the only ones hiding in the shadows…


When the new vampire arrives at the base, he makes it clear I’m his new obsession.

But I’m not like the other women. I won’t cave to Brone’s charisma.

Except that now one of my friends has gone missing, and the only logical explanation for her disappearance is an unseen enemy….

Something so dangerous, no one is safe.

Brone promises to protect me, and maybe, just maybe, I want to believe him.


My mate is less forthcoming than I’d hoped, but I won’t throw in the towel just yet.

Especially after she kisses me. 

When a human from inside the base goes missing, I’m even more eager to bind us together.

She is stubborn, but I’ll show her what it means to want.

I’ll show her what it means to hunger.

1 review for BLOOD AFTER DAWN

  1. VoraciousBookDragoness S

    Story well written and great narration.

    I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received free from the author.

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