Blind Affection

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Her sister is marrying her ex. She’s running away to marry a man she’s never met….

Lily Whitefield’s once prized debutante status, went unfulfilled, marred by a cruel, fateful accident. Now her sister is marrying the man she loves. Trapped by her imperfection, Lily decides to escape the prospect of spinsterhood by being a mail-order bride. She sneaks away, leaving her safe, cushioned existence behind and boarding a train to Colorado to marry a man she’s never met.

Uncertain if he’d ever find true love, or simply an honest woman who saw him as more than a purse, a financial wishing well, Wythe Radcliffe sought the advice and aid of a Matchmaker from a mail order bridal agency. But he already has the girl in mind. He’s been writing to her for the past two years. He just needs a little help.

Lily has her own money and flaws, she’ll make him the perfect wife. After all, he wasn’t perfect either.

Broken and scarred by the tragic events in their past. Can Lily and Wythe heal and build a loving future together?

2 reviews for Blind Affection

  1. Misty

    Great book. I thought the story was well thought out and the characters well developed. Original.

  2. Benita Dilley

    Lightly Christian Mail Order- Someone 4 Everyone

    A scarred mail order bride from NY travels west to wed a man with a damaged leg in this predictable, but entertaining, lightly Christian mail order bride story. About 3 hours.

    #10 in series

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