Black Women Bible


Are stereotypes, false standards of beauty, and the backward society we live in causing your self-esteem to drop below your feet? Would you like to gain renewed self-confidence, becoming the strong, independent woman you were meant to be? Then read on….

Every day, you try to convey the image of a strong, independent woman who is able to cope with all the abuse society takes against you, often without even realizing it. No matter how hard you work, you never feel you receive the proper appreciation from others, and you often find yourself having to repress negative feelings that make you feel sad, anxious, or unable to cope with life’s difficulties.

If you are enduring so much, it is because you are descended from Black women, strong women who can endure the worst atrocities, and you are no different: You are a powerful Black woman too. I know how much we, as both women and Blacks have to fight for our rights every day to get what everyone else gets effortlessly—this constant struggle has made us strong and able to face any obstacle!

That’s exactly why you’ll find out in Black Women Bible:


  • How to totally free yourself from the negative thoughts that keep you from achieving success
  • How to increase your self-esteem toward your wonderful body
  • How to understand yourself and understand the feelings your loved ones have
  • How to achieve the goals you dream of in your personal and work life

And much, much more!

You’ll learn how important and empowered you are to approach each day with maximum positivity, eliminating your negative thoughts and conquering your fears. You will truly appreciate the body you were born into, from the tips of your toes to your beautiful hair!

Don’t wait any longer, use this audiobook to improve your days with positive affirmations now!


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