Black Ruins Blood


I thought coming to the Black Ruins forest would give me the answers to the questions I so desperately needed. Instead I have more questions and no answers. Now here I am trying to figure out how to destroy the oldest and strongest dragons who are the Elders to become the next ruler of Zilo. No problem, right? Yeah, not as easy as it sounds. The forest will only keep us a safe for so long before the Elders find out where we are. If they find us, we are all dead. 

So, here we sit trying to figure out a way to make it through alive. The best part out of all of this I’ve gained a huge family I never knew I wanted, and the worst part is now I have more enemies I never even knew existed. Around every turn there is something or someone else we need to deal with. Fate really hates me! She twisted my lifecycle apart and spit me out. I will never be the same person again. That’s what scares me the most.



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