Birch River Brides: Books 1-5 (Birch River Brides Collection, Book 1)


True love will lead you to many places in life…but it will never lead you astray.

Life can often be surprising and unpredictable—and the path leading to marriage is no less certain!

But for these five couples, the challenges that lay ahead of them are only just beginning….

A grieving widow meets a kind pastor who offers her a second chance at marriage and love….

An adventurous socialite seeking to escape her old life meets a loyal sheriff looking to start a family….

A talented songbird, who dreams of escaping her sheltered life, meets a lonely mayor looking for someone to share his life with….

A man searching for a wife meets a single mother still burdened with grief from the loss of her first husband….

And a proud doctor who faces competition when his bride-to-be arrives in town—only to start stealing his patients!

With trouble bearing down on them, it seems these brides and their grooms still have a long way to go before they can say their “I do’s.”

But as each trial they face only seems to lead them away from the altar—will any of them even get their chance?

Birch River Brides: Books 1-5 is a charming collection of stories guaranteed to capture your heart and leave you wanting more! Will the men and women in these stories find a way to make it to the altar? Or will the challenges that lay in their path prove too much for them to overcome?


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