Bio Dungeon: Hemostasis – The Body’s Dungeon, Book 3

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Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go back….

Progen defeated the Parasyte that was engineered by the malevolent Blood Curse, but there is still a lot that the dungeon crystal needs to do to fully control his entire dungeon. While he actively works to finish controlling the rest of the body that hosts his presence, there lies one major obstacle to the culmination of his plans: the brain. The Blood Curse has locked itself away behind a barrier that keeps Progen from spreading his influence inside, while also preventing the Curse from manipulating anything outside of its hiding place. The dungeon crystal is thus stymied in his efforts toward complete control; but fortunately, Progen has gained access to new immune cells and systems that he can use to improve his host’s body – and thereby, his own survivability.

Meanwhile, when the dastardly Ghevin Drestice’s devastating use of the mind-control abilities of a strange crystal finally catalyzes interest in Marstin from the highest authority in Istut, the young thief-turned-adventurer is thrust back into the spotlight. Now he has to navigate his way through a brand-new world of political intrigue, secret organizations, and high society, all while struggling with the burgeoning power that has recently been unlocked inside of him.

While Progen fights against the immutable barrier around the brain and the Blood Curse, Marstin fights to survive this world into which he has inextricably been thrown. Both will face challenges that should end with their deaths, and only through unwitting cooperation will they see themselves through.

But will that be enough to survive against the Blood Curse’s temptations of power and its inevitable emergence from its magically-imposed exile?

Contains LitRPG/GameLit elements, such as character progression, statistics, and resource management. Also contains an in-depth, science-based portrayal of how the immune system responds to foreign pathogens via different white blood cells and other microscopic protectors, complete with a glossary of medical terms (factual and fictional). No harems, sexual content, or foul language.

1 review for Bio Dungeon: Hemostasis – The Body’s Dungeon, Book 3

  1. Mel

    ~Disclaimer: I received a free audiobook copy of this book. ~

    Fantastic ending

    If you liked the first two books, you’ll be happy with this book. Honestly, probably the best book in the trilogy.

    Secrets are revealed, both our MCs have growth in gifts, political intrigue and an excellent ending make this a fun listen/read.

    It is nice to read a completed series. Too often, I pick up a series and then it appears to be dropped by the author or that the author is just going to continue it indefinitely. So, it was nice to read a story wrapped up. Although, there is more story that I’d love to get a chance to read.

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