Billionaire’s Dilemma – Part 3


The world’s wealthiest people didn’t get rich by accident. Whether by smart investment, sharp business intuition, or a combination of talent, grit and circumstance, billionaires have done something right. Or they had a whole lot of luck—a crap-load of it. 

Tag, Melanie, and their motley crew of friends begin investing in the revival of Katrina’s bar in hopes of turning it into a potential chain. Unfortunately for Tag and his friends, his father and the man’s conniving lawyer manage to weasel their way into swiping the bar from underneath them –making Tag realize just how much control his father has on him. 

Now, Tag must act fast in order to save Katrina’s bar. To add to his growing list of troubles, his father is trying to buy up his grandfather’s floral shop and the mysterious Mr. Romeo is contacting him and his younger brother Sam. 

How will Tag and Melanie handle it when all of his father’s lies and crimes are out in the open? Will they be able to finally bring the man to his knees, or will they only dig themselves deeper into despair?


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