Billionaire’s Cinderella


Kiara is experiencing a string of bad luck. First, she gets rear-ended at a stop. Then her internship lets her go because they don’t feel she has enough passion for the field. And then her rich neighbor’s friends burn her house down during a wild party.

Yeah, Kiara isn’t having a very good time. And Teddy, her rich neighbor, is about to incur her wrath.

Rich, spoiled, and essentially her exact opposite, he makes an easy target. But the truth is that Teddy isn’t quite who she thinks he is. His wealthy father didn’t even know he existed for the first five years of his life, and since he has known a life outside of privilege, he longs for something more.

And part of that something more is Kiara. But like everything in life, it is complicated. She is unsure she can trust him and he is facing the possibility of being cut off from his trust fun if he doesn’t marry the high-society Whitney. Will this Cinderella story have a fairy tale ending?


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